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Smartly Automated
Emails That Deliver!

Create smartly automated email
sequences to maximize your
outreach deliverability & replies!
EMY is a powerful tool that
easily scales your cold email
campaigns with high-performing emails
and the latest AI technology.

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Outstanding performance, less effort

EMY effective features help your campaign run with maximum results and minimal effort.

Don’t drop your drip

Getting a response doesn’t need to break up the drip. Instead, it triggers another pre-built sequence to start and continues warming up that precious lead! EMY has 5 different pre-built sequences that respond to the most common replies, but be free to create your own!

Stay healthy with Automated Inbox Rotation

Scaling your campaign with 1 inbox can be a headache. With EMY you can have multiple inboxes that help maximize your email deliverability with fewer risks and minimum effort. Our Automated Rotation feature evens the volume to keep your inbox placement score (IPS) healthy and prioritizes inboxes with the highest rate to ensure your emails won’t end up in spam.

50 shades of “Hi!”

Maximize your open and reply rate with human-like drip messages and diversity in content by adding variables to different elements of your automated email. EMY Spinning feature allows you to say “Hi” in more than 50 ways! Even more, domain-specific variables enable you to refine your emails with lines relevant only to you!

Analytics - key to success

To avoid emails with no replies, EMY Analytics helps compose high-performing messages with the most potential to get a response.

Less effort, more results

Simple, intelligent, and user-friendly EMY helps marketers, sales teams and agencies run their high-volume email campaigns with ease.


Everything you need to run a successful campaign that delivers. Native integrations with powerful tools to maximize performance!

Affordable pricing

Unlimited use of EMY and its features at just $50 per user for a month.

Affordable pricing

Unlimited use of EMY and its features at just


/ per user
for a month.

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Power Up & Get More Done

Emy integrates with Quicklines (hyper-personalized intro line generator), ZeroBounce and Scrubby (email validation tools), Inboxy (email automation tool) and Adapt (data provider) to make your campaign management easier!